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Burrito family — is not another street food place … Burrito family — is a lifestyle. Bright, fresh and spicy. We want our guests to feel that they are a part of a large family, out family. Here you can have a nice meal, fresh lemonade or just a nice chat.

Autotehnika is a well known car parts manufacturer based in Russia. It leads russian market and expands towards western Europe.

Jane Brown is a painter based in the south of the UK. Here you can see a wide collection of the paintings and read about Jane's journey.

Daniel is a young creative based in Prague. He specializes in professional content production. His field of work consists of video production, photography and graphic design.

Butchers is an independent, eco friendly salon and creative space in the heart of Shoreditch, the most fashionable and artistic hub of London. It’s where you’ll find the hottest stylists with the incredible skills. ‘Cos when they’re not working magic on clients in the salon, they’re sprinkling fairy dust over models on sessions.

A project built ground up with Node.js, Express and MongoDB. BCNspots Is a project aiming to help skateboarders to find and share skatespots and interesting places in Barcelona.

A bot that tweets when a new episode of Mr Robot is uploaded to the pirate bay. Works on NodeJS. Code can be found on my github.

Video tutorials on how to use a static website generator by Github.